The Skellige Starter Deck and How to Improve It for Zero Scraps

If you like Gwent in the style of bloodthirsty quasi-Vikings with a side of necromancy, then Skellige is the right faction for you. This guide will go over how to pilot the Skellige starter deck, and a couple of tweaks that you can make for zero scraps to make the deck even better.

This article is apart of the Budget Deck series of the Ultimate Guide to Gwent.

How to Pilot the Skellige Starter Deck

Check out Jaggerous’ tutorial on the Skellige starter deck. In the first part, she will go over every card in the starter deck, how to use them, and showcase the deck in action. In the second part, she will go over some improvements that can be made to the deck, but keep in mind this video is a little old and that advice can be a little dated.

How to Improve the Skellige Starter Deck for Zero Scraps

Improved Skellige Starter Deck
  • Add: Patricidal Fury, Thunderbolt, Alzur’s Thunder (x2)
  • Remove: Onslaught, Dimun Pirate Captain, Spearmaiden (x2)

While some of the other starter decks suffer from cards just being jim-jammed together, the Skellige starter benefits that nearly all of the cards in the deck synergize with Bloodthirst archetype. Patricidal Fury is a more powerful leader ability that you can proactively play in Round 3 to not only slam down 8 points, but also instantly enables the Bloodthirst abilities of all your cards. It particular it can be paired with Svanrige Tuirseach for a huge 19-point play in a single turn.

Thunderbolt is a great card that you can play proactively that can help keep your An Craite Longships out of removal range or healthy your Dimun Light Longships to create even more Bloodthirst. Alzur’s Thunder gives you a removal option that requires less setup than Gutting Slash.

To fit these cards in, you should take some of your four provision units. Consider taking out both Heymaey Spearmaidens and leaving in one Dimun Pirate Captain. The Spearmaidens have an ability that is replicated by quite a few cards in the deck, and the Pirate Captain has the potential to play for more points.

What’s Next

The Skellige starter deck gives you a really good core of bronzes that have really good use in the meta. The An Craite Longships and Dimun Light Longships are really good cards, and are apart of nearly every Skellige meta deck’s bronze core. Gutting Slash‘s ability to reach for 6 points of removal is a tremendous value at 4 provisions. The Heymaey Herbalist synergizes well with the Light Longships and is often included in Gedyneith decks to help trigger chapters in the sceanrio.

However, the gold cards the starter deck contains are not very useful in the current meta. In order to climb, you will have to upgrade them to more powerful cards, and the next part of our Budget Deck series will look at how to do that!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have in the comments below, or join the Discord!

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