The Nilfgaard Starter Deck and How to Improve It For Zero Scraps

Nilfgaard- winner of this past season’s faction challenge- is a polarizing perennial fan favorite for its ability to disrupt your opponents gameplan. The starter deck features two locks to stop opposing engines, and this gude will show you how to add even more for zero scraps.

This article is apart of Budget Deck series in the Ultimate Guide to Gwent.

How to Pilot the Nilfgaard Starter Deck

The best resource on how to pilot the starter decks comes from Jaggerous’s YouTube series. Check out her video below on the Nilfgaard starter deck. The first part explains how each card in the starter deck works, and then shows you some gameplay footage of the deck in action. The second part goes over some slight improvements that you can make, but as the video is a couple of months old the advice might be a little dated.

How to Improve the Nilfgaard Starter Deck for Zero Scraps

Improved Nilfgaard Starter Deck
  • Add: Imposter, Dorregaray of Vole, Thunderbolt, Lacerate
  • Remove: Strategic Withdrawal, Slave Infantry (x2), Emissary (x1)

Imposter plays a little better than Strategic Withdrawal on this list. It gives you another lock, and the ability to spawn a copy of the unit that you locked. The best use of this is for you to lock an opposing engine in Round 3, as you will also get that engine. Worst case scenario you can just use it on the opposing unit that has the highest based power for pointslam value. Just keep in mind that spawning a copy of a unit will not trigger the deploy ability.

Dorregaray of Vole and Lacerate replace the two Slave Infantry on the list to give you another lock and a row stacking wide punish. The Slave Infantry are not a very consistent card and require a unit with a very low power or a harmful status to get full value.

Thunderbolt takes the place of an Emissary. They both will net you six points, but the Thunderbolt has a little more utility. Since you can play Thunderbolt and then play an engine on your next turn, you are able to boost that engine immediately on deploy to keep it out of removal range of cards like Alzur’s Thunder. You also have to consider that the Emissary’s 7 point boost will basically put any card that receives that boost in range of Geralt of Rivia which is present in every starter deck.

What Next?

Your best card in the deck is Sweers. Some of the bronze soldiers are also useful in a couple of decks. However, if the Soldier package to really shine you are going to need some better cards that will help you climb the ranked ladder.

The next part of the Budget Deck series will go over how to improve this deck and really make your opposition hate Nilfgaard! Feel free to ask any questions if you have in the comments below, or join the Discord!

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