The Monsters Starter Deck and How to Improve It for Zero Scraps

If you were like me, you probably choose Monsters as your first faction in Gwent. Heck, there was a big sign in the game that basically told you to pick them! This article will show you some resources to learn how to pilot the Monster’s starter deck and some simple ways to improve it right away for zero scraps.

This article is apart of the Budget Deck series of the Ultimate Guide to Gwent.  Updated on December 23, 2020.

How to Pilot the Monsters Starter Deck

If you had questions about how to pilot the Monsters Starter Deck, check out my Monsters F2P Road-to-Glory series on YouTube. The series will showcase how to take Monsters from Rank 30 to Pro Rank without having to spend any money. The first video showcases the starter deck and breaks down how each card works with game play.

How to Improve the Monsters Starter Deck for Zero Scraps

Improved Monsters Starter Deck
  • Add: Fruits of Ysgith, Dorregaray of Vole, Elder Bears (x2)
  • Remove: Carapace, Archspore (x2), Wild Hunt Navigator (x1)

The first big change is adding Fruits of Ysgith as your leader. This ability will give you a thrive engine every single round that increases in value for . Your opponent also does not have a good incentive to kill your Fruit, because you can just bring it back next turn and it is much easier to trigger thrive when it is a 1 point card.

There are a couple of neutral cards from the other starter decks that fit in better. There are four deathwish cards, but only two consumes. With the Harpy Eggs being the better consume target, the Archespores do not really have a place in this deck.

Dorregaray is a gold epic card that gives you a 5 point body to help trigger thrives and a lock will shutdown an opposing engine.

The two Elder Bears are basically slightly worse Ice Giants that will help you trigger thrive and gives you a secondary Ghoul target. They also are more consistent than the Wild Hunt Navigator which needs dominance and another unit on the board in order to play for 6 points.

What Next?

While these changes will make your Monster starter deck more powerful, you will need better cards in order to climb the ladder. Geralt of Rivia, Ozzrel, Wild Hunt Riders, and Nekkers are really the only cards in this deck that you see in the current meta. The deck is missing several key cards to make a Thrive deck thrive.

The next part of the Budget Deck series will go over what cards to target to make your deck even better. Feel free to ask any questions if you have in the comments below, or join the Discord!

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