Deck Updates 2020/08/24: Aggregate Meta Rankings

An aggregate meta rankings that will soon be updated on the each page of each deck. You can get a sneak peak of the work over here for the average tier and rank along with deck lists. This is not meant to be a scientific or definitive determination of what is the best deck- just a view of what a couple different voices in the community have to say.

The data comes from the four available meta reports from TLG, the Chinese community, Team Nova, and Team Elder Blood. No Honorable Mention decks were used for ranking simplicity. Several decks were not ranked by some reports. If a report did not rank a deck, it was given a Tier 4 and given a last place rank of 21.

As it is the last week of the season, its time to say goodbye. Several leaders (Second Wind, Pincer Maneuver, Death’s Shadow, Call of Harmony, Mystic Echo, Tactical Decision, Wild Card) that allow players to play two cards in one turn are on the chopping block, so say your farewells this week. With Gwent Open #3 coming up this weekend, it’s probably safe to say there will be some sort of reveal of what is being reworked for next season, but CDPR could always squirrel us.

As far as the meta, no real big changes from last week. Some Skellige players have been using the Blaze of Glory variant of the Midrange Warrior list with the Hjalmar & Sigrdrifa package, but Patricidal Fury was still the more popular list at Open Qualifer #2 this past weekend. There has also been some increased sightings of War Elephant with and without Siege popping up in some NR Devotion lists thanks to Gravesh and Pajabol.

Please make sure you join the Gwent. us Discord and give me a follow on Twitch. I will be streaming most days from 1pm-3pm EST until the end of August.

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