Deck Updates 2020-08-17: A Balanced Meta

The post-hotfix meta has an emerged as a balanced one. For the first time in recent memory, there is a no overwhelming Tier 1 deck(s) and every faction has a competitive deck.

TLG has Syndicate’s Passiflora in Tier 1, whereas Elder Blood has NR Devotion and Skellige’s Midrange Warriors. The truth of the matter is that none of these decks have a head and shoulders advantage over the other good meta decks, so go play whatever faction you want.

The only real big change in the meta has been the redemption of Scoia’tael with the Schirru-Gord-Skaggs pile courtesy of the Chinese community (no videos out yet but it has been played extensively on stream and at the Top 16 Qualifier).

Ethereal Fruits and Wild Hunt Devotion are still the top decks for Monsters. The Fruits decks have evolved away from Renew- either toward a Haunt or a more midrangey list. Wild Hunt Haunt is still competitive as well, but that may change with the increased prevalence of Heatwave and Bomb Heaver.

Nilfgaard is probably at the bottom of the piles. You are probably better off using Double Ball over Single Ball as the Single Ball list lacks a win con if the scenario does not go through.

With two meta reports now released, I am going to be working on a aggregated meta report feature and adding deck lists to the database in the coming days. So please stay tuned!

Please make sure you join the Gwent. us Discord and give me a follow on Twitch. I will be streaming most days from 1pm-3pm EST until the end of August.

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