Deck Updates 2020-08-03: Arnjolfdinho Meta Incoming

Last update before the 7.1 patch comes out tomorrow. Added videos for Ethereal Fruits, Spies Ball, Schirru, Passiflora, and NR Devotion.

You can check the Developer Patch Overview for 7.1 below and the patch notes here.

The big takeaway is that we will see another meta dominated by Skellige. The nerfs seem woefully inadequate. The change to the rupture mechanic will kill off Tyrggvi in the meta, but most players had already replace him with Wild Boar. Second Wind was nerfed to only allowed to play a nine-provisioned card from your graveyard, you will just see more players move to the already viable Patricidal Fury variant.

In fact you can make argument that now that Vabjorn has been reworked as a eight-provision raid tutor, that Skellige will be even stronger giving you consistent access to Blood Eagle and Stunning Blow.

Also benefiting Skellige is the fact that their chief competitors in the top tiers of the meta received significant nerfs. Caranthir now being faction-locked will mean that Monsters decks will have to evolve pass the Ethereal-Caranthir-Fruits combo. Vissegerd losing his formation ability and joining the ranks of the Elder Bears, means that Northern Realms loses one of its top point-potential cards.

In their place, you will likely also see the return of Syndicate to the top of the meta with part of the previous Hidden Cache nerf being reverted with over a dozen cards getting buffed including the final two forms of Jacques De Aldersberg gaining a spending ability.

Enjoy the last hours of Ethereal Fruits, and back sure you check back here next season. Will be adding new features including decklists to the database once the first meta reports come out.

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