Deck Updates 2020-07-27

Before I get to the decks, I just want to plug that I am now streaming on Twitch at I will be streaming from 1pm-3pm EST most weekdays. If you like the content here on, I would really appreciate a follow! You can also get more information on the Discord.

Two new decks have been added to the database: a Nilfgaard Assimilate list popularized by Shaggy and a Scoia’tael Schirru list that I should have added last week that some Gwent players have been able to take 2500+ MMR.

Please also note that as the Tailbot-influenced Ethereal list has ditched Haunt in favor of a more control/midrange type of list, so Ethereal Haunt will now redirect to Ethereal Fruits.

New videos have also been added for Passiflora, Midrange Warriors, Spies Ball, NR Devotion, and NR Engines.

Happy climbing!

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