Deck Updates 2020-07-20

Good news Scoia’tael and Syndicate players! The meta has finally produced a decent list for each side.

For Syndicate, the same basic Passiflora core has emerged as a decent 4th faction option for many players on Pro Ladder. Deadeye Elves has also emerged as the most powerful Scoia’tael deck replacing the Harmony package with Symbiosis.

Two other old archetypes- reinvigorated with some new cards- made returns to the meta thanks to some tourney exposure. SuMo nearly took Crones to the finals for the TLG Invitational. With a lot of tournament decks teching in Bomb Heaver, Spies Helge emerged as a viable alternative to Spies Ball.

Northern Realms has returned to it’s place as the true Draw Your Golds™ factions with NR Devotion. Viraxas enables double Prince Anseis and Bloody Baron to give a little extra punch against the likes of Skellige and Nilfgaard at the expense of the consistency that Oneiromancy brings

Also a couple new updates for the best two decks of the meta: Spies Ball & Midrange Warriors.

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