Deck Updates 20-08-10: SK Has Been Nerfed

CDPR did it folks! SK had been nerefed…….a whole 0.3% to start the season!

Anyone with or without a brain could forsee that Patricidal Fury version of Midrange Warriors would be the best deck of the current meta. The extra provisions compared to Second Wind, the ability to gain instantaneous Bloodthirst 3 with Arnjolf, saw Madman Lugos as an autoinclude in every Patricidal Fury deck. Vabjorn’s raid tutoring ability has seen the return of Raiding Fleet and An Craite Longships to meta as well as increased usage of War of Clans and Champion’s Charge at the expense of Morkvarg: Reign of Terror- which does very poorly in the Skellige mirror.

And then in the middle of writing this post: BOOM!

Harald an Craite’s nerf to 5 power was pretty big. His survivability took a major hit as now he will be removed by 5 point damage cards. Some big questions facing Skellige: is it still Tier 1? Is Warriors still best Skellige archetype? We will have to see.

Monsters and Northern Realms decks have also evolved with the nerfs to Ethereal and Vissegerd. Ethereal Fruits still viable using Renew and Purify to be able to play a second Ethereal (still waiting for a video), but Wild Hunt and Haunt maybe the best decks for Monster with both now using Overwhelming Hunger Consume/ Devotion hybrids.

NR Devotion now features Pincer Maneuver with the Defender & Vsyogota combination that is basically an auto-win if not answered. The greediest pile features Siege that you can play with or without Vsyogota (still waiting for a video ).

While those seem like the top 3 factions so far, there is no clear cut 4th faction at this point. For Syndicate, Buffs to Hidden Cache and Jacques has seen Passiflora increase slightly in power. Congregate Crimes has also been getting some play, but with questionable effectiveness. Nilfgaard seems to be hovering around with various versions of its Single Ball and Double Ball decks. Can something from Scoia’tael like Schirru or Elves emerge with Skellige nerfed?

Will be interesting to see where the hotfix takes us the rest of the season. Make sure you join the Discord. You can also check me out streaming on Twitch most days from 1:00-3:00 pm EST.

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